The European Union and China

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The European Union and China
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23 may. 2019
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Christiansen, Thomas / Kirchner, Emil / Wissenbach, Uwe
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Reino Unido

This accessible text offers a comprehensive analysis of the European Union (EU)-China relationship, as one of the most important in global politics today. Both are major players on the world stage, accounting for 30% of trade and nearly a quarter of the world’s population.  This text shows how, despite many differences in political systems and values, China and the EU have developed such a close, regular set of interactions at multiple levels: from political-strategic, to economic, and individual.

The authors start with an historical overview of the domestic politics and foreign policy apparatus of each partner to show the context in which external relations are devised. From this foundation, each key dimension of the relationship is analysed, from trade and monetary policy, security, culture and society. The authors show the relative merits of different theoretical perspectives and outline what is next for this complex, ever-changing relationship. At every step, the success of each partner in persuading the other of changing their position(s) for key strategic interests is explored. What emerges is a multifaceted picture of relations between two sides that are fundamentally different kinds of actors in the international system, yet have many mutual interests and a common stake in the stability of global governance.  

The first major text to offer an accessible introduction to the multifaceted nature of EU-China relations, this book is an ideal companion for upper undergraduate and postgraduate students on Politics, International Relations and European Studies courses. 

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: The Evolution Of The EU-China Relationship
Chapter 3: EU Institutions and the Making of EU Foreign Policy
Chapter 4: Chinese Institutions and Foreign Policy
Chapter 5: The Political Dimension of EU-China Relations
Chapter 6: The Economic Dimension of EU-China Relations
Chapter 7: The Societal Dimension of EU-China Relations
Chapter 8: The Security Dimension of EU-China Relations
Chapter 9: International Development Policy and EU-China Relations
Chapter 10: China and The EU In The Global Context
Chapter 11: Conclusions and Outlook.

Thomas Christiansen is Jean Monnet Professor of European Institutional Politics at Maastricht University, The Netherlands.
Emil Kirchner is Jean Monnet Professor at University of Essex.
Uwe Wissenbach is a diplomat and senior official with the European External Action Service in Brussels.
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