Regional Governance in the EU. Regions and the Future of Europe

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Regional Governance in the EU. Regions and the Future of Europe
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1 sept. 2019
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Abels, Gabriele / Battke, Jan
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Reino Unido

The role of regions in the European Union has been frequently debated since the 1980s. This comprehensive book provides a thorough overview of the issue from a variety of perspectives, analysing regional governance and territorial dynamics in the EU and its member states. Focusing on the implications of the democratisation–regionalisation nexus, it argues that a ‘Europe with the regions’ may promote good governance and ameliorate the democratic deficits of the EU.

The book’s contributions offer a multidisciplinary approach to the study of governance in the EU and highlight the significance of regions and regionalisation for the EU’s future. Through a combination of empirical, conceptual, theoretical and normative approaches, chapters address both intra-state and transnational developments to provide a fresh and exciting addition to the literature on new regionalism and democratic theory. Favouring a modest notion of a ‘Europe with the regions’ rather than the dominant maximalist vision, it embeds these developments in the ongoing debate about the future of the EU.

Students and academics exploring regional governance and the EU will find this book’s unique conclusions and crucial insights of great value. The book’s distinct perspective on European governance will also be of benefit to policy-makers and EU think-tanks.

Preface by the editors

1. Regional Governance in the EU or: What Happened to the ‘Europe of the Regions’? Introduction
Gabriele Abels and Jan Battke

Part I: Normative and Conceptual Perspective on Regionalisation and Governance
The Contribution of Regions to EU Democracy
Simona Piattoni

3. Deconstructing and Reconstructing Good Governance in Relation to Regional and Local Participation in EU Decision-Making Processes
Carlo Panara

4. Neo-regionalism in Europe: The Process of Delimiting Regional Boundaries
François-Olivier Seys

Part II: Dynamics of Intra-state Regionalisation and its Implications
5. Developing Autonomy – Are there Alternatives to Secession?
Roland Sturm

6. The Catalan Secession Bid – Between Structural and Contemporary Tensions within the State of Autonomies
Mario Kölling

7. Reforming the Territorial Constitution in Italy: Some Reflections on Durability and Change
Matteo Nicolini

Part III: Macro-regional Dynamics and European Integration
8. Scaling and Rescaling in EU Spatial Governance
Franziska Sielker and Dominic Stead

9. Experimentalist Governance and EU Macro-regional Strategies: New Dynamics in European Regional and Territorial Cooperation?
Stefan Gänzle

10. Cultural Dimension of Macro-regions. A Prospective Reflection
Thomas Perrin

Part IV: Regions in Supranational Democratic Governance
11. The EU’s Multilevel Parliamentary System: Escaping from the Trilemma of Market Integration, National Democracy and National Sovereignty
Peter Bursens

12. Regions and the Parliamentarisation of EU Governance: Is the Early Warning System the Solution?
Anna-Lena Högenauer

13. Regions as Lobbyists
Michaël Tatham

14. Conclusions: A ‘Europe with the Regions’ in the Making
Jan Battke and Gabriele Abels


Gabriele Abels, Jean Monnet Chair and PRRIDE Director 

Jan Battke, PhD candidate and former PRRIDE Academic Coordinator, University of Tübingen, Germany

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