Philosophy and Public Administration. An Introduction

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Philosophy and Public Administration. An Introduction
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28 dic. 2018
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Ongaro, Edoardo
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This book provides a systematic and comprehensive introduction to the philosophical foundations of the study and practice of public administration. Philosophy and Public Administration provides the reader with an agile introduction to the main philosophical streams from classical metaphysics to phenomenology, empiricism to rationalism and pragmatism to personalism, ultimately revealing their significance for public governance and management.

Ontological and epistemological issues are brought to the fore in discussing contemporary conceptions of the nature of public administration. The book explores connections between basic ontological stances and public governance, shedding light on the nature of public administration by revisiting fundamental philosophical issues. The quest for justification and legitimacy of public governance is examined, and 'Common Good', 'Social contract' and 'Personalism' arguments vetted. The works of major thinkers like Thomas More and Niccolò Machiavelli are revisited, drawing implications for contemporary public administration.

This is the only book to provide a comprehensive examination of how philosophical thought matters for understanding public administration. It is a must-read for scholars and practitioners alike reflecting on or practising the management of public services.

Contents: 1. Introduction and rationale

2. Key streams in philosophical inquiry: a selection and succinct overview for the field of public administration – 

3. Key streams in philosophical inquiry: a selection and succinct overview for the field of public administration –

4. Public administration doctrines and themes revisited from a philosophical perspective

5. Political philosophy and public governance: the quest for justification in ‘common good’ and in ‘social contract’ arguments and their significance for the debate on the organisation of the public sector

6. Ambrogio Lorenzetti, Niccolò Machiavelli, Thomas More: on virtues, realism, and utopian thinking in public administration

7. The search for consistency Index

Edoardo Ongaro, Professor of Public Management, The Open University, UK

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