The Oxford handbook of communist visual cultures

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The Oxford handbook of communist visual cultures
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3 sept. 2020
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Skrodzka, Aga / Lu, Xiaoning / Marciniak, Katarzyna
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Reino Unido

Stereotypes often cast communism as a defunct, bankrupt ideology and a relic of the distant past. However, recent political movements like Europe's anti-austerity protests, the Arab Spring, and Occupy Wall Street suggest that communism is still very much relevant and may even hold the key to a new, idealized future. In The Oxford Handbook of Communist Visual Cultures, contributors trace the legacies of communist ideology in visual culture, from buildings and monuments, murals and sculpture, to recycling campaigns and wall newspapers, all of which work to make communism's ideas and values material. Contributors work to resist the widespread demonization of communism, demystifying its ideals and suggesting that it has visually shaped the modern world in undeniable and complex ways. Together, contributors answer curcial questions like: What can be salvaged and reused from past communist experiments? How has communism impacted the cultures of late capitalism? And how have histories of communism left behind visual traces of potential utopias? An interdisciplinary look at the cultural currency of communism today, The Oxford Handbook of Communist Visual Cultures demonstrates the value of revisiting the practices of the past to form a better vision of the future.

Aga Skrodzka

Part I. Material Cultures, Technologies, Industries
1. Socialist Domestic Infrastructures and the Politics of the Body: Bucharest and Havana
Iulia Stătică
2. Architecture in Series: Housing and Communist Idealism
Kimberly Zarecor
3. Restating Classicist Monumentalism in Soviet Architecture, 1930s-early 1950s
William C. Brumfield
4. Esfir Shub's KShE (1932) and the Movement of Energy
Joshua Malitsky
5. Soviet Wall Newspapers: Social(ist) Media of an Analog Age
Birgitte Beck Pristed
6. Red Stars, Biorhythms, and Circuit Boards: Do-It-Yourself Aesthetics of Computing and Computer Games in Late Socialist Czechoslovakia
Jaroslav Švelch
7. Machines, Nations, and Faciality: Cultivating Mental Eyes in Soviet Books for Children
Serguei Alex. Oushakine

Part II. Institutional Discourses, Communist Visions, Theory
8. Who Doesn't Like Aleksander Kobzdej? State Artist's Career in the People's Republic of Poland
Magdalena Moskalewicz
9. "How To" Make Art in Communist China
Vivian Li
10. Visions and Visualization of Sustainability: Leningrad Designers in Search of Soviet Recycling System, 1981-84
Yulia Karpova
11. Shaping the Avant-garde: The Reception of Soviet Constructivism by the American Art Journal October
Pablo Müller
12. A Time Lag of defa-futurum: A Socialist Cine-futurism from East Germany
Doreen Mende
13. The Visitation of the Idea: Badiou on Film and Communism
Rohan Kalyan

Part III. International and Intercultural Dimensions
14. In the Name of Internationalism: The Cinematic Memorialization of Norman Bethune in Socialist China
Xiaoning Lu
15. Listening Between the Images: African Filmmakers' Take on the Soviet Union, Soviet Filmmakers' Take on Africa
Lindiwe Dovey
16. Brothers at War: The Images of Prison S-21 (Tuol Sleng) in the Framework of Intra-Communist Conflicts
Vicente Sánchez-Biosca
17. The Constructivist Sartorial Utopia and Its Revolutionary Potential: Then and Now
Djurdja Bartlett
18. "Socialist Realist" Critiques of Neoliberal Shock Therapy: East German Artists Respond to the 1973 Putsch in Chile
April A. Eisman

Part IV. Visual Production and Strategic Spectacles
19. Beauty and Quality for All: A Vision of Fashion under Cuban Socialism
María A. Cabrera Arús
20. Disappearing from the Picture? Female Figures in Pattern Books of the Mao Years
Antonia Finnane
21. The Subject Who Knows: Photographers and Photographed in a Late East Germany
Sara Blaylock
22. Two Worlds: Boris Efimov, Soviet Political Caricature, and the Construction of the Long Cold War
Stephen M. Norris
23. The Lyrical Subversions of Socialist Realism in Dang Nhât Minh's New Wave Cinema
Dana Healy
24. The Montage Connection between John Heartfield and László Lakner: Artistic Dissidence and a New Leftism in Sixties Europe
Cristina Cuevas-Wolf
25. Visual Regimes of Juche Ideology in North Korea's The Country I Saw
Travis Workman

Part V. After-images, Memory, Legacy
26. Television and The Good Times of Socialism
Anikó Imre
27. Futures Remembered: Kosmonauts, the GDR, and the Retrospective Impulse
Nick Hodgin
28. Contesting the Cuban Soviet Visual Rhetoric for the Present
Jacqueline Loss
29. Komunistki: Visual Memory of Female Communist Agency
Aga Skrodzka
30. Specters of Europe and Anti-communist Visual Rhetoric in the Romanian Film of the Early 1990s
Constantin Parvulescu and Claudiu Turcuş
31. Lenin in Los Angeles: Counter-Memories, Recycling Socialism
Katarzyna Marciniak
Coda: Flashes of Arab Communism
Laura Marks

Edited by Aga Skrodzka, Associate Professor of Film and Media Studies, Clemson University, Xiaoning Lu, Lecturer in East Asian Languages & Cultures, University of London, and Katarzyna Marciniak, Professor of Transnational Studies, Ohio

Aga Skrodzka is Associate Professor of Film and Media Studies at Clemson University, where she spearheaded the creation of the World Cinema Program. She is the author of Magic Realist Cinema in East Central Europe and a forthcoming book on the figure of the sex slave in visual culture.

Xiaoning Lu is Lecturer in East Asian Languages & Cultures at SOAS, University of London. Her research, which focuses on Chinese socialist cinema and culture, has appeared in journals and edited collections including the Journal of Chinese Cinemas, Journal of Contemporary China, Maoist Laughter, and Words and Their Stories: Essays on Chinese Revolutionary Discourse.

Katarzyna Marciniak is Professor of Transnational Studies at Ohio University, where she specializes in the discourses of immigration and foreignness. She is the author of Streets of Crocodiles: Photography, Media, and Postsocialist Landscapes in Poland and co-editor of Teaching Transnational Cinema: Politics and Pedagogy and Transnational Feminism in Film and Media.


Djurdja Bartlett, Reader in Histories and Cultures of Fashion, University of the Arts London

Sara Blaylock, Assistant Professor of Art History, University of Minnesota Duluth

William C. Brumfield, Professor of Slavic Studies and Sizeler Professor of Jewish Studies, Tulane University

María A. Cabrera Arús, Craig M. Cogut Visiting Professor, Brown University

Cristina Cuevas-Wolf, Independent Scholar and Curator, Resident Historian, Wende Museum

Lindiwe Dovey, Professor of Film and Screen Studies, SOAS University of London

April Eisman, Associate Professor of Art History, Iowa State University

Antonia Finnane, Honorary Professor in the School of Historical and Philosophical Studies, University of Melbourne

Dana Healy, Senior Lecturer in Vietnamese Studies, SOAS University of London

Nick Hodgin, Lecturer in German Studies, Cardiff University

Anikó Imre, Professor of Cinema and Media Studies, School of Cinematic Arts, University of Southern California

Rohan Kalyan, Assistant Professor of International Studies, Virginia Commonwealth University

Yulia Karpova, Assistant Archivist at Open Society Archives at Central European University

Vivian Y. Li, The Lupe Murchison Curator of Contemporary Art, Dallas Museum of Art

Jacqueline Loss, Professor of Latin American Literary and Cultural Studies, University of Connecticut

Xiaoning Lu, Lecturer in East Asian Languages & Cultures, SOAS, University of London

Joshua Malitsky, Associate Professor of Cinema and Media Studies, Indiana University

Katarzyna Marciniak, Professor of Transnational Studies, Ohio University

Laura U. Marks, Grant Strate University Professor in Contemporary Arts, Simon Fraser University

Magdalena Moskalewicz, Lecturer of Art History, Theory and Criticism, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Doreen Mende, Associate Professor in Visual Arts, HEAD Geneva University of Art and Design

Pablo Müller, Senior Research Associate, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts

Stephen M. Norris, Walter E. Havighurst Professor of Russian History and Director of the Havighurst Center for Russian and Post-Soviet Studies, Miami University

Serguei Alex. Oushakine, Professor of Anthropology and Slavic Languages and Literatures, Princeton University

Constantin Parvulescu, Senior Researcher in Film and Media Studies, Babes-Bolyai University

Birgitte Beck Pristed, Associate Professor of Russian Studies, Aarhus University

Vicente Sánchez-Biosca, Professor in Film Studies and Visual Culture, University of Valencia

Aga Skrodzka, Associate Professor of Film and Media Studies, Clemson University

Iulia Stătică, Visiting Scholar at the Mario Einaudi Center for International Studies, Cornell University

Jaroslav Švelch, Assistant Professor of Media Studies, Charles University

Claudiu Turcuş, Associate Professor in Film and Literary Studies, Babes-Bolyai University

Travis Workman, Associate Professor in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Kimberly E. Zarecor, Professor of Architecture, Iowa State University

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