Globalization and regime change. Lessons from the new Russia an the new Europe

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Globalization and regime change. Lessons from the new Russia an the new Europe
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15 oct. 2019
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Alison Remington, Robin / Evanson, Robert K.
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This timely book examines post-communist developments in Russia, central Europe, and the Balkans, emphasizing foreign and security policies and their domestic linkages. Framed around the concepts of globalization and regime change, the rich set of case studies traces the repercussions for politicians and institutions forced to adjust to the disappearance of the “East” from the cold war’s East-West polarity.

The contributors explore how each country has grappled with such questions as how to change from one party to many, how to create viable market economies, and how to restructure security alliances. They conclude by considering the prospects for further regime change from democracies to hybrid systems and the implications for the future of the European Union.


1 Introduction
Robin Alison Remington

2 Russia: The Importation of Western Concepts and Their Effect on EU-Russian Relations
Tatiana Romanova

3 Regime Change in Post-Soviet Russia: A Bottom-Up View from the Countryside
David J. O’Brien and Valery V. Patsiorkovsky

4 Poland: An Engine of the EU’s Foreign and Security Policy?
Joanna Kaminska

5 The Incoherence of Czech Domestic Politics and Its Foreign-Policy Consequences
Carol Skalnik Leff and Olena Betlii

6 Czech National Security: Balancing NATO and EU Responsibilities
James W. Peterson

7 The Czech Republic and the Sudeten Germans: The End of Conflict?
Robert K. Evanson

8 In The Nick of Time: The Politics of European and Trans-Atlantic Integration in Slovakia
Carol Skalnik Leff

9 A New East-West Divide in Europe: Immigration as Rift between Hungary and the EU
Katalin Fábián

10 Codependency as Survival: Romania, the Warsaw Pact, NATO, and the EU
Larry L. Watts

11 Re-inventing Yugoslavia: Lessons from Bosnia and Herzegovina
Francine Friedman

12 Transitions in Europe: The Celtic Polities and Kosovo
Kurt W. Jefferson

13 Terrorism or Non-Violence: Competing Paradigms for Post-Cold War Europe and Russia
Paul Wallace and Robert K. Evanson

14 Conclusions
Robert K. Evanson




About the Contributors

Robin Alison Remington is professor emerita of political science at the University of Missouri–Columbia.

Robert K. Evanson is professor emeritus of political science at the University of Missouri–Kansas City.

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