Financial Independence. Getting to Point X. A Comprehensive Tax-Smart Wealth Management Guide

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Financial Independence. Getting to Point X. A Comprehensive Tax-Smart Wealth Management Guide
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1 ago. 2018
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Vento, John J.
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Discover how the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 will change your journey to financial independence and what you need to do now to take advantage of the new law

Financial Independence (Getting to Point X) offers practical, time-tested advice for reaching your financial goals—whatever they may be. Whether you’re recovering from debt, putting kids through college, planning for retirement, starting your own business, or just seeking a healthier financial outlook, this book shows you how to get it done. No platitudes or empty advice here—just a clear roadmap to your goals, based on the effective management of the 10 Key Wealth Management Issues that threaten to derail us all.

This new second edition has been updated to reflect President Trump’s massive income tax changes. These historic changes will reduce the tax obligation of most Americans, but not all. This is the most significant tax reform in over 30 years, rendering old advice obsolete while opening new opportunities. This edition also includes a new chapter on becoming financially independent by starting your own business. Author John Vento knows exactly what these new laws entail, and this book puts his wisdom of experience to work for you to help you get on track to financial freedom.

Saving, budgeting, managing debt, minimizing taxes, and living within your means—all classic financial advice, but easier said than done, right? In this book, you’ll find real, practical advice for actually doing it—to the extent that makes sense for you.

- Understand the enormous changes taking place in the federal income tax code
- Learn which financial strategies have become obsolete, and what new opportunities you should take advantage of
- Negotiate your way through the 10 Key Wealth Management Issues with expert advice
- Find out if you have what it takes to reach financial independence by starting your own business
- Follow a clear roadmap to financial independence, no matter how you define it

Introduction Getting to Point X 1

Chapter 1 Committing to Living Within Your Means 13

Chapter 2 Understanding Taxes 23

Chapter 3 Determining Your Financial Position 37

Chapter 4 Managing Debt 83

Chapter 5 Insuring Your Health and Life 119

Chapter 6 Protecting Your Property with Insurance 157

Chapter 7 Paying for College 175

Chapter 8 Planning for Retirement 213

Chapter 9 Managing Your Investments 249

Chapter 10 Preserving Your Estate 283

Chapter 11 Starting Your Own Business 319

Chapter 12 The Time Value of Money 379

JOHN J. VENTO is the president of a New York City-based certified financial planning firm and a certified public accounting firm. John has been ranked among the most successful advisors of a nationwide investment service firm and has held that distinction for over a decade. He specializes in working with professional practices, high-net-worth individuals, and those committed to becoming financially independent.

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