Executory Contracts in Insolvency Law. A Global Guide

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Executory Contracts in Insolvency Law. A Global Guide
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25 abr. 2019
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Chuah, Jason / Vaccari, Eugenio
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Executory Contracts in Insolvency Law offers a unique, comprehensive, and up-to-date transnational study of the topic, including an analysis of certain countries which have never previously been undertaken in English. Written by experts in the field, with extensive practical and theoretical knowledge of both research and professional experience, this is a groundbreaking investigation into the philosophies and rationales behind the different policy choices adopted and implemented by a range of over 30 jurisdictions across the globe.

With contributions from more than 40 insolvency law experts, this book provides extensive coverage of executory contracts, encompassing both developed and developing countries, and drawing on not only so-called common and civil law systems, but also, countries with hybrid systems of law. The book explores ipso facto clauses, improvements that could be made, as well as casting light on procedural and tactical issues and considerations when attempting to address executory contracts in the different jurisdictions.

Providing a globalised and comparative perspective on executory contracts in insolvency law, this book will be an invaluable tool for legal practitioners requiring a cross border perspective on the subject, as well as for academics and researchers pursuing a study of the topic. It will also benefit policy makers and institutions seeking to introduce insolvency law reforms in their home countries.

1. A Thematic and Comparative Introduction
Jason Chuah

2. National Report for Albania
Gelanda Shkurtaj

3. National Report for Argentina
Héctor José Miguens

4. National Report for Austria
Felix Kernbichler

5. National Report for Brazil
Francisco Satiro and Eduardo Guimarāes Wanderley

6. National Report for Bulgaria
Georgi Valentinov Georgiev

7. National Report for Chile
Camila Hoyuela Zattera, Maximiliano Escobar Saavedra and Mauricio Inostroza Saez

8. National Report for China
Yingxiang Long and Rebecca Parry

9. National Report For Croatia
Jasnica Garašićand Siniša Petrović

10. National Report for Denmark
Line Herman Langkjaer

11. National Report for Finland
Jarmo Tuomisto

12. National Report for France
Emile Ghio

13. National Report for Germany
Vanessa Buttafuoco

14. National Report for Greece
Loukas Panetsos

15. National Report for Italy
Rolandino Guidotti

16. National Report for Japan
JIN Chun and Stacey Steele

17. National Report for Lithuania
Frank Heemann and Karolina Gasparké

18. National Report for Panama
Jose Maria Lezcano Navarro

19. National Report for the Russian Federation
Dmitry Konstantinov

20. National Report for Slovenia
Katja Zdolšek

21. National Report for Spain
José Carles and Carlos Cuesta

22. National Report for Switzerland
Patrick Keinert

23. National Report for the Netherlands
M.P. Verdonk and R.J. de Wijs

24. National Report for the Republic of Turkey
Çağlar Kaçar

25. National Report for Australia
Elizabeth Stratten

26. National Report for Bangladesh
Borhan Uddin Khan, Morshed Mannan and Muhammad Mahbubur Rahman

27. National Report for England and Wales
Eugenio Vaccari

28. National Report for New Zealand
Scott Abel

29. National Report for Singapore
Bingdao Wang

30. National Report for the United States
Roberta Righi and Jessica J. Winters

31. National Report for Canada
Alfonso Nocilla

32. National Report for Cyprus
Anna Plevri

33. National Report for India
Indrajit Dube

34. National Report for South Africa
Clement Marumoagae

35. National Chapter for the United Arab Emirates and its Free Zones
Christian Chamorro-Courtland


Jason Chuah, Professor of Commercial and Maritime Law, The City Law School, City, University of London, UK and Guest Professor of Maritime Law, University of Gothenburg, Sweden 

Eugenio Vaccari, Lecturer in Law, University of Essex, UK

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