Essence of Japanese. Learn Japenese without a teacher

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Essence of Japanese. Learn Japenese without a teacher
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20 jun. 2019
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Amano, Shuji
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Dear Japanese-loving student! 
From my long experience with this beautiful language – by better understanding JAPANESE CULTURE and by chatting with so many smart Japanese visitors as an introduction to it, - I can say that this mentaltraining is a good way. 
At the same time, little by Little, you can enjoy the wide, rich and exquisite Asian world. Congratulations on taking a different approach to international communication. 
Remembering Japanese ideogramsis a different and not so easy process if you want to reach perfection; you can postpone it to a different level according to your ambitions. 
Practical Grammar is the best way to learn it. I can tell you that Professor Amano’s textbook is a very serious, experienced and easy way to speed up the process. 
As Japanese pronunciation is very similar to the Spanish one, you can memorize practical conversation sentences and be sure to be understoodfrom the very beginning. 
Congratulations! Omedetô! 
Professor Emeritus of Kyoto Gaidai(Kyoto University of Foreign Studies.KUFS) 
Angel Ferrer Casals /The Order of the Rising Sun (旭日章, Kyokujitsu-shō).E IS

Across the world, Japanese is considered a difficult language to learn because of its rich vocabulary. 
The reason for it is that there are "original Japanese words", while other words come from Chinese, and some words are borrowed from foreign languages. In addition to these, recently there have been many "abbreviations", so it is difficult for foreigners to know how many they should learn. 
However, if you are a beginner in learning Japanese, you can use a limited vocabulary, and so if you memorize about 3000 words and use them into the fixed sentence patterns, you will be able to do pretty well in everyday conversations. 
This book tells you when and where to use those sentences. 
"Essence of Japanese" is a book that tells you how to master important patterns for many people. 
I hope that the foreigners self-study with "Essence of Japanese", and someday come to Japan with that book. 
Musashino University Emeritus Professor (武蔵野大学名誉教授) Mizue Sasaki 

I would like to extend my warmest congratulations on the publication of the English version of the book “The essence ofthe Japanese language”. This work is the crystallization of the pedagogic methodology on Japanese language developed by Professor Shuji Amano based on a lifetime experience of teaching. 
This year marks the 150th Anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between Japan and Spain. The Tokyo Olympic Gameswill take place in 2020. Both of these events have been accompanied by a surging interest towards Japan and its culture in Europe in what can be rightfully called a second Japonism boom. On this historical occasion,the present “Do it yourself textbook” is very timely and useful not only forbeginners but also for advanced learners, and even teachers to whom it will provideaprofoundinsight into the essence of the Japanese language. 
Consul General of Japan in Barcelona(在バルセロナ日本国総領事) 
Naohito Watanabe

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