Encyclopedia of women and crime. 3 Vols.

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Encyclopedia of women and crime. 3 Vols.
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15 nov. 2019
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Bernat, Frances P. / Frailing, Kelly
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The most comprehensive and up-to-date reference on contemporary, historical, and global concerns about women, crime, and criminal justice 

The Encyclopedia of Women and Crime is a comprehensive reference work on the pioneers and practitioners in the field of criminal justice, and an expert analysis of both female offenders and victims of crime. Offering a balanced perspective, this innovative work focuses on interdisciplinary, transnational, historical, and current perspectives on gender and offending behavior, victimization, legal and policy responses, and notable cases and individuals. Comprehensive coverage of a wide range of timely and relevant topics, historical analyses, biographies, and legal case studies provide readers with an essential resource on the intersection of race, class, and gender with both crime and victimization.

Providing a global perspective and both contemporary and historical scholarship on the subject, this multi-volume encyclopedia enables readers to assess current literature on crime, justice and gender, and understand and analyze women as both offenders of and victims of crime. Inclusive examination of topics including domestic violence, gender and human trafficking, rape and sexual offences, gender issues in policing, probation, and parole, and many others allow readers to understand the many facets of this important area of study.

- Approaches gender, crime, victimization and criminal justice employment from a global perspective
- Compares male and female offending behavior and criminal justice outcomes
- Analyzes women in their roles as criminal justice system professionals, including biographies and case studies
- Employs a transdisciplinary approach to crime by integrating sociology, law, political science, history, and literary biography
- Offers contributions from an international team of prominent scholars in fields of criminology and criminal justice, among others

The Encyclopedia of Women and Crime is a much-needed resource for researchers, students, and practitioners in fields such as law, criminal justice and criminology, sociology and social work, political science, psychology, and for anyone working with female victims and offenders.

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Women and Crime A-XX

Volume II

Women and Crime XX-XX

Volume III

Women and Crime ??-X


Frances P. Bernat, PhD, is Professor Emeritus, School of Criminology and Criminal Justice, Arizona State University and Professor of Criminal Justice at Texas A&M International University, USA. She is author or editor of: Women, Crime & Justice: Balancing the Scales (Wiley 2017); Criminal Procedure Law: Police Issues and the Supreme Court (2013); and Human Sex Trafficking (2011).

Kelly Frailing, PhD, is Associate Professor, Department of Criminology and Justice, Loyola University, USA. She is coeditor of The Criminalization of Mental Illness: A Reader (2018), and Crime and Criminal Justice in Disaster, 3rd Edition (2016), and coauthor of Toward a Criminology of Disaster (2017), and Fundamentals of Criminology: New Dimensions, 2nd Edition (2016).

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