Economics of Entrepreneurship

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Economics of Entrepreneurship
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1 abr. 2018
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Parker, Simon C.
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This second edition of The Economics of Entrepreneurship is an essential resource for scholars following the current state of this fast-moving field, covering a broad range of topics in unparalleled depth. Designed to be used both as a textbook for specialist degree courses on the economics of entrepreneurship, and as a reference text for academic research in the field, the book draws on theoretical insights and recent empirical findings to show how economics can contribute to our understanding of entrepreneurship. New topics, such as crowdfunding, entrepreneurship education and microenterprise field experiments, appear for the first time, while existing treatments of topics like regional entrepreneurship, innovation and public policy are considerably deepened. Parker also discusses new empirical methods, including quasi-experimental methods and field experiments. Every section - indeed every page - of the new edition has been updated, resulting in a rigorous scientific account of entrepreneurship today.

1. Introduction
Part I. Selection:
2. Individual-level theories of entrepreneurship
3. Regional- and macroeconomic-level theories of entrepreneurship
4. Empirical methods in entrepreneurship research
5. Individual-level determinants of entrepreneurship
6. Evidence of regional and macro-level determinants of entrepreneurship
7. Ethnic entrepreneurship and immigration
8. Female entrepreneurship
Part II. Financing:
9. Debt finance for entrepreneurial ventures
10. Venture capital and business angel finance
11. Other sources of entrepreneurial finance
12. Wealth and entrepreneurship
Part III. Performance:
13. Entrepreneurial venture growth
14. Rent seeking, entrepreneurial effort and employment creation
15. Entrepreneurs' incomes and returns to human capital
16. Innovation
17. Venture survival and entrepreneurial exit
Part IV. Public Policy:
18. Principles of entrepreneurship policy
19. Finance and innovation policies
20. Regulation
21. Taxation, entrepreneurship support programs and indirect government policies.

Simon C. Parker is Professor of Entrepreneurship at the Ivey Business School, University of Western Ontario, and Research Fellow at the Institute for the Study of Labour (IZA).

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