Legislation in Europe A Comprehensive Guide For Scholars and Practitioners

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Legislation in Europe A Comprehensive Guide For Scholars and Practitioners
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23 feb. 2017
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Karpen, Ulrich / Xanthaki, Helen
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1ª Edición, Febrero 2017 Bloomsbury / HART Publishing SINOPSIS This book provides a practical handbook for legislation. Written by a team of experts, practitioners and scholars, it invites national institutions to apply its teachings in the context of their own drafting manuals and laws. Analysis focuses on general principles and best practice within the context of the different systems of government in Europe. Questions explored include subsidiarity, legitimacy, efficacy, effectiveness, efficiency, proportionality, monitoring and regulatory impact assessment. Taking a practical approach which starts from evidence-based rationality, it represents essential reading for all practitioners in the field of legislative drafting. ÍNDICE 1. Introduction Ulrich Karpen 2. Legislation and Regulation Wim JM Voermans 3. Legislative Process Tímea Drinóczi 4. Management of Legislation Patricia Popelier 5. Participation Felix Uhlmann and Christoph Konrath 6. Goals and Measures of Legislation: Evaluation Mauro Zamboni 7. Legislative Drafting Techniques/Formal Legistics Jean-Pierre Duprat and Helen Xanthaki 8. Legislative Language and Style Mario Hernández Ramos and Volker Heydt 9. Legislative Drafting Stefan Höfl er, Markus Nussbaumer and Helen Xanthaki 10. Publication Karl Irresberger and Anna Jasiak 11. Regulatory Evaluation Ex Ante and Ex Post: Best Practice, Guidance and Methods Stephan Naundorf and Claudio M. Radaelli 12. Maintenance of Rules Maria De Benedetto 13. EU Legislation William Robinson 14. Legislative Training Marta Tavares de Almeida and Chris Moll 15. Emerging Trends in Legislation in Europe Helen Xanthaki

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