Crime of Aggression Commentary

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Crime of Aggression Commentary
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1 nov. 2016
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Kreb, Claus / Barriga, Stefan Grover, Leena
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1ª Edición, Noviembre 2016 Cambridge University Press SINOPSIS The 2010 Kampala Amendments to the Rome Statute empowered the International Criminal Court to prosecute the 'supreme crime' under international law: the crime of aggression. This landmark commentary provides the first analysis of the history, theory, legal interpretation and future of the crime of aggression. As well as explaining the positions of the main actors in the negotiations, the authoritative team of leading scholars and practitioners set out exactly how countries have themselves criminalized illegal war-making in domestic law and practice. In light of the anticipated activation of the Court's jurisdiction over this crime in 2017, this book offers a comprehensive legal analysis of how to understand the material and mental elements of the crime of aggression as defined at Kampala. Alongside The Travaux Préparatoires of the Crime of Aggression (Cambridge, 2011), this commentary provides the definitive resource for anyone concerned with the illegal use of force. - The world's leading experts - from both the academy and the Kampala Conference negotiations - come together in this book to provide the definitive commentary on the international crime of aggression - Situates the crime of aggression amendments to the Rome Statute within a wider historical, theoretical and political context - Offers a wide-reaching analysis of legislation spanning several national jurisdictions, provides insightful policy assessments by representatives of key State actors, and comprehensively sets out the position of the crime under international law - Comprehensively examines the elements of the crime, to assist practitioners and scholars in its interpretation

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